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Be Real For Real – Restoration

Be Real For Real!

September 16, 2017 is a day to remember in the spiritual lives of many. It was the day of the second staging of Kimola Brown Lowe’s ‘Be Real For Real Women’s Empowerment Conference’ and what a day it was! The Waltham Park New Testament Church of God was filled with women who were ready to Reveal to Heal.

Approximately a month prior to Friday September 15, I had no intention to be present at this year’s conference (I’m sorry Mrs. Lowe). The date was blocked on my calendar since the day the official date was announced. However, the enemy tried every possible reason for me not to be present. “You have no car”. “There is a client to attend to and you will never make it in time.”

On that same Friday, God made the car available. The client that I had for a session that would usually last 4 hours decided to start an hour earlier. She came with her hair cut to her shoulders so a session that would usually take 4 hours lasted half the time. What a God? God also had it that Minister Lowe had an interview at my 9 to 5 that very Friday. I remember that morning God kept prompting me take extra money with me to work. Thankfully I did and was able to purchase my ‘Be Real For Real’ shirt and my ticket.

I was eager to see what was going to unfold at the conference. I attended the first so I expected nothing less than a mighty move of God. God specifically told me that the keynote message was mine. That was my main focus so I wasn’t so sad about missing the first half of the conference.


Apostle Racquel Jones – through the power of the Holy Spirit – connected many dots in my life today with the topic of Restoration. She made reference to the story of Ruth and how God truly kept her and transformed her.

I have been going through a season of restoration since the first staging of the Be Real For Real Conference (first dot connected). When going through a season of restoration, you will first FACE YOURSELF. You will then BE STRIPPED and TRANSFORMED. The end result of this process is RESTORATION (second dot connected). Another dot was that none of these steps were a one time thing. Throughout your restoration process you will have to face yourself from various angles.

Why I cut my hair…

Many still ask me why I cut my hair. I don’t share my reason with everyone because not everyone will understand. (You don’t have to explain your process to everyone. Those who understand the moves of God will understand.) I had loonngg sisterlocks that God told me to cut. It was one of the hardest, scariest experiences but I had to do it. That was the first step to me facing myself. I had hid a lot behind my hair. Many saw my hair before they saw me. It was a good distraction; the enemy loved it. Pay attention to my hair so you don’t have to pay attention to me. When my mask went, the process began. As apostle shared at the conference: “I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself”.

Facing myself wasn’t only physical. God started showing me my callous ways. My rebellious nature. The laziness. Greed. Vain views and my scars. I had to give away money. Clothes had to be given away. Shoe had to be given away. I thought that once I acquired physical wealth I could have it all. My love for God was rich but I had my ideas of perfection because God works best in perfection. Where did I get that idea?

I pray that God continues to do His work in the apostle’s life and do it well. I know that her message broke some heavy chains. Heaven overflowed on behalf of the women who poured out today. What a God!

Many will see your smiles but don’t know the pain you had to sacrifice just to. Many wouldn’t know that I’ve been hungry. They wouldn’t know that I’ve never had a wardrobe; it’s always been a juggle between 2 or 3 items – shoes included. They wouldn’t know about the emotional abuse, the toxic relationships, and lack of parental support. But the process of restoration completes you inside and out. God works to polish you but you must be obedient.

Next Year

The Be Real For Real Conference has a secure space on my calender of events. And I foresee this event going international and being sold out at big arenas. God is doing a new thing. One word I woke up with this morning spoke to Christians who only stick to church and church activities. God is not limited to your church. God said that many persons’ deliverance is locked up in lack of support. Many don’t support kingdom conferences or kingdom events so they will never hear that one word that will transport them out of their situation. Support others!

If you missed today’s conference I implore you to make it a date next year. And while you wait, reveal to heal! I wrote a blog post recently – “Let it burn“- that revealed some of the issues that I’ve been struggling with. I revealed and God healed.

Be Real For Real! – God Bless You


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  1. I must commend you on this post. You have made some profound statements sister. I was in attendance at the conference and it was my first. It was truly a rich experience and takes us into a place of openness and being real before God. If we are not able to confront our issues, we cannot be healed and will continue to live a lie. I look forward to the next conference but until then I will continue to be real before God so that I can enjoy true freedom. Thanks again for the insights.

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